Allen Service

On pace to increase their annual revenue by 77%.

01 The mission

Without doubt, successful businesses are guided by smart, motivated leaders who possess a clear vision of their goals and are committed to operational excellence. These leaders also have the wisdom to call in the experts, when needed, to augment their team and shore up areas in which they lack knowledge.

02 The approach

Upon initial analysis of Allen Service's longstanding radio agreements, Longworth renegotiated these contracts, reducing the overall cost per point by 73%. With these "savings," three radio stations were strategically added to the mix, as well as highly targeted streaming audio. And that was just the beginning.

03 The results

Allen Service's fruitful advertising efforts and impressive operations continue to build steam as they are on target to increase their annual revenue by 77%.

"I’ll always feel that the Longworth team does everything they possibly can to advocate for their client in an always evolving and tough media market. Longworth has always kept us at the forefront."

Jeff Allen
Allen Service