Bone Dry Roofing

100% increase in brand awareness and 250% in brand preference.

01 The mission

Bone Dry Roofing is a household name in many regions. But they had work to do in St. Louis, where their well-established competition was in the lead. When Bone Dry committed to flipping the script, they had their branding work cut out for them.

02 The approach

Focused on growing market share, Bone Dry and Longworth locked arms and went to work to devise the smartest media approach. Clever, memorable messaging was created to resonate with Bone Dry's target audience homeowners aged 40+ with an annual household income greater than $100k. Guided by extensive research, a mix of terrestrial and streaming audio, and display ads were selected, assuring we would reach the right consumers at the right time, the right number of times. And we did.

03 The results

A market study revealed that Bone Dry hit the branding nail on the head. In less than a year, market awareness jumped 100% and brand preference ranking increased 250%. Survey respondents cited radio and online ads as the most often recalled.

"I am always impressed by the research and data that Longworth does for our projects. Each team member has really taken time to understand our industry and apply best practices to help us achieve our goals. They are a super fun group to work with too, which we consider important!"

Kristi Mengelt
Bone Dry Roofing