Guardian Angel Hospice

245% increase in web traffic, 292% more phone calls.

01 The mission

Hospice services aren't something people typically think or know too much about. Even for an exceptional provider like Guardian Angel Hospice, therein lies the challenge. Being smart, savvy marketers, they recognized a need for more timely engagement with patients and caregivers in order to drive patient acquisitions, so they engaged Longworth for the tasks at hand.

02 The approach

Guardian Angel's focus was on ROl through digital interactions, engagement, and finally, conversions from their paid search and social campaigns. Thoughtful strategy sessions, rethinking digital creative and honing in on geographies and audiences led to these incredible results.

03 The results

In ten short months, Guardian Angel's PPC campaign generated 292% more phone calls, while the click-through-rate increased by 68% and cost-per-click decreased by 8%. On both PPC and paid social, the CTR was more than double the respective healthcare industry standard benchmarks. Further, Guardian Angel's web traffic increased a whopping 245%.

"I can feel their desire for us to reach our goals of growth. It feels as if they are a part of our marketing team, not a separate entity."

Leslie Bever
Guardian Angel Hospice